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  Tue 08-13-2019 4:29 pm

Hello and welcome!  Renovations are still underway as we merge our WoW and FFXIV communities.  If you're coming from the old WoW site, you'll notice things are a little different.  You'll need to log in using your Discord account then you can post to this forum to get access to everything else.  Just post with "Hey Don, it's whatever-name-used-on-the-old-site! Let me in!"  and I'll get you squared away.  The old forums/posts will be archived here eventually (they're not gone).  

The old .org site for WoW VS had been dead for awhile.  With Classic around the corner I was hoping to get some of the old members back involved in VS.  This .com site is a bit FFXIV heavy, as that's what we had been using it for, but I'm going to slowly be making this more WoW/FFXIV -- give me a week or so.

Welcome and I hope to see you in a game soon!
  Tue 08-13-2019 6:52 pm

Hey Don, it's Zirex (from the old wow site)! Let me in!

I can follow directions. :)

  Tue 08-13-2019 6:54 pm

Ha!  All set.
  Tue 08-13-2019 7:00 pm

"Hey Don, it's whatever-name-used-on-the-old-site! Let me in!"
It's you're lil' ole tank Widget!
  Tue 08-13-2019 7:03 pm

Welcome, sir!  :)
  Tue 08-13-2019 7:38 pm

Hey Don, it’s stieg. You might know me as Styg. Possibly as that drunk and angry asshole.
  Tue 08-13-2019 7:48 pm

It might be fair to confuse me with Pilsner on the last sentence. Strike it from the record.
  Tue 08-13-2019 8:23 pm

Hey Don, it's Beam.  And remember, pie rules and cake is....ew.
  Tue 08-13-2019 9:08 pm

Hi Don, Amonsul here.  This is a nice blast from the past.
  Tue 08-13-2019 9:36 pm

Wooo!  Hi guys!  You're all set!  Where is Pils? I need to get some pie references on this site asap.  ;) Sent the email to 54 VSers (filtered on post count and last active) -- had 10 undeliverable.  If you talk to anyone who didn't get the email, please forward it along.  Thanks!
  Tue 08-13-2019 10:54 pm

Hey Don, It's Grommley / Gybhitsny. I have also been thinking of everyone since WoW Classic release date is getting closer. I miss playing with you guys....
  Wed 08-14-2019 3:48 pm

You are good to go, Gromm / Gyb!  :)
  Wed 08-14-2019 7:32 pm

Ahoy hoy! Lynala or Kethi from WoW. What's this about playing on an RP server? You want to mix with *those* types of people? ;)
  Wed 08-14-2019 8:08 pm

I just want to be able to watch gnome orgies in Goldshire.  I don't believe that is asking too much.  ;)  You're all set, Kethi!
  Wed 08-14-2019 9:04 pm

Just when I think I am out, the pull me back in
  Wed 08-14-2019 11:26 pm

Hi Everyone!  Don can you update my account?  Seems that there was a mix-up when it asked me to authorize with Discord lol
  Thu 08-15-2019 12:20 am

Done and done!
  Thu 08-15-2019 8:19 am

Is this thing on? 

Ben Afflack in the place to be!
  Thu 08-15-2019 2:08 pm

Alright, who sent the invite to Afflack?  I specifically left him off the distro for good reason... I'm still getting the stains out of the tapestries.

Welcome, you handsome devil.
  Thu 08-15-2019 4:16 pm

Greetings!! It's Mayhew/Ujay/Adam...I don't know what to go by.  I'm here, though!!  May in enter?
  Fri 08-16-2019 9:15 am

Speaking of handsome devils, enter you may.
  Fri 08-16-2019 5:18 pm

Oi! Let me in! It's Jaannaa!
  Fri 08-16-2019 9:45 pm

Hi Jaannaa!  In you go!
  Mon 08-19-2019 3:49 pm

I'm here!
  Mon 08-19-2019 4:18 pm

Wooo!  Access granted!
  Mon 08-19-2019 9:45 pm

I cannot tell you how happy I am that everyone's default avatar image is a pie.  This warms my pie shaped heart so much!
  Tue 08-20-2019 4:40 am

Hi everyone!  :D

Don, please let me in VS and serve me some pie!
  Tue 08-20-2019 11:44 am

Beam took the last 7 slices.  :/

Hi Trianna!  You're all set!
  Fri 08-23-2019 2:52 pm

  Sun 08-25-2019 2:06 pm

Hi Mandy.  :)
  Sun 08-25-2019 7:00 pm

I heard there was booze....
  Sun 08-25-2019 7:15 pm

Hey Don, it's whatever-name-used-on-the-old-site! Let me in!"

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