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 Massively Overpowered -- MMORPG news and opinions
 Apartment Therapy -- Saving the world, one room at a time
 xkcd -- A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language
 Wait But Why -- new post every sometimes
 The Oatmeal -- Comics by Matthew Inman
 SuperCook -- recipe search by ingredients you have at home
 Ocearch -- Your life may just depend on it
 Free Rice -- Answer some trivia, feed some mouths
 Bored Panda -- art and pop culture magazine
 Oddee -- Oddities, Weird stuff, Strange things of our world
 Giphy -- Free epileptic seizures
 BuzzFeed -- All the things
 Attack of the Cute -- Death by cute

Helpful Links

 Wiki: Quests -- Console Game Wiki
 Wiki: Dungeons -- Console Game Wiki
 Progression and Level Locked Content -- Gamer Escape
 The Lodestone -- Official database and guides
 Garland Tools -- Tools & Resources | Database, crafting, calculators, timers...
 Gamer Escape -- Database and guides
 FFXIV Guild -- Guides
 Ariyala's Toolkit -- Create your own personal gearsets and plan your melds
 FFXIV Crafting -- Crafting as a Service | Profiler, calculators, levequests, recipes...
 FF14 Angler -- Everything Fishing
 FF14 Housing -- Everything Housing
 FFXIV Gardening -- Everything Gardening
 FFXIV Chocobo -- Chocobo Colour Calculator
 FFXIV Clock -- Timers galore
 Cactpot Solver -- Calculates the chances on where to expect the highest possible MGP payout
 FFXIV Triad -- Displays info on cards, values, NPCs activate time and the rewarded cards you can obtain when winning
 The Moogle Post -- Magazine, art, guides and fiction
 Eorzea Collection -- Glamour Catalogue

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